The impact meteorite crater is a unique natural space object located in Irgiz district of Aktobe region.

The crater has a circular depression and ring-shaped shafts surrounded on three sides. The age of the crater is about 1 million years.year. The crater was formed by an explosion caused by the fall of a meteorite with a diameter of 200 to 400 meters to the Earth.

The zhamanshin Meteor Crater is a unique and wonderful place on the planet. This is the area of contact between space and Earth. Space objects falling to earth often burn in the atmosphere layer. But sometimes there are also meteorites that break through the atmosphere and reach the Earth. Some of these meteorites have been on earth for millions of years.

The cosmic origin of the object confirms that it was not found on Earth or in space a million years ago. On the surface of the crater there are quite a lot of unusual glass-tektites. They are called irgizites. The objects that had evaporated during the explosion had fallen to the ground in transparent drops that had been shaped, frozen, and frozen. As a result of geological work in the zhamanshyn region, unique types of glass were found, porous, black slags. They are called badanshinites.

It's a wonderful place. 250 million. it is assumed that a year ago there was a large sea on the site of the crater. From here you can identify the teeth of an ancient shark, traces of belemnites (Marine shellfish).

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