The seventeenth word

The seventeenth word

Abai Kunanbaev is the Shakesphere of Kazakh literature. His Book of Words, «Kara Sozder», created by the great thinker constitute an ethnic philosophical work. This creation of his is an exploration of Kazakh national life in the second half of the 19th century. He influenced social affairs in the country where he lived.

Power, Mind and Heart were arguing over who of them is more necessary to the people. Ensuring that they cannot agree, they turned to Science.

- Look, Science! Said Power. - You know that without the hard work either mastery or wealth cannot be achieved. I am the one who preserves against frivolity and shame petty, unworthy of human affairs, from the desire for easy money. I do not give them to lose courage and return them to the right path, even when they manage to stray from it in broad daylight. Look, Science! Working tirelessly and without sleep, people take possession of you, it turns out you owe me your rises. Working tirelessly and without sleep, people become servants of God; it appears humanity owes their lives to me. So tell me, Science, why do these two argue with me?..

Then the Mind noticed: - I determine what is useful and what is harmful to humans both on the earth and in the afterlife. Isn’t it keeping the eternal life? People act on my command, so I know the price of a human strength and understand the language of science. How can you argue with me, if without me people didn’t not know where to look for the benefits, how to protect themselves from harm, how to comprehend the science?..

Did not stand the Heart:

- I am the king of life! Exclaimed it. - I drive the blood through the veins, the soul dwells in me, that's why there is no life without me! I poison the dream of well-fed, lying in a soft bed in a warm house, forcing them to suffer for the poor, the hungry and the homeless. I hold the respect for elders and condescension to the younger. I am justice, satisfaction, conscience, gratitude and compassion. What are strength and mind without me? Only people cannot keep me such, and that’s why become different themselves. But I am the king of life! And my value is impossible to challenge!

After listening to all three, Science said:

- Listen, Power, all that you said is the truth. You just have not mentioned many of your merits; this is also your power. Life is unthinkable without you. But sometimes your abilities turn cruelly to the people. Your grip is hard, and when you support injustice the trouble comes. There is a lot use of you, but there is also a lot of evil.

Look, Mind, you're also telling the truth. There are no acquisitions without the mind. It’s given to reveal the secrets of nature, of life, of the soul, and it’s true that people learn from you about the Creator. You own the mysteries of existence of both worlds, but this did not satisfy you, and you began to multiply cunning and deceit. You know the way to the treasures of both worlds, so both good and bad people began to rely on you. The trouble is that you with the same willingness fulfil the desires of both. You asked me to determine which one of you is of great value for a person. But I do not want to oppose you. Let the lord of all will be Heart. You, Mind, is various and versatile, and Heart will not follow your every decision. It will approve good and obey it with great joy. It will not accept the bad, likely disown you. You Power is mighty and cool, and Heart will not give you will. It will not spare you from good deeds, and hold you from evil. Unite together, and as I have said, let Heart lead you! If this happens, and you will unite in one person, then he will become righteous man. Dust from the soles of his feet will heal the blind. In this- in harmony and purity of human life- is the meaning of the existence of the great world. If you can't unite together, then I shall give preference to Heart - king of human life. That’s how Science solved a dispute.

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