The nineteenth word 1 October, 1894

The nineteenth word

Abai Kunanbaev is the Shakesphere of Kazakh literature. His Book of Words, «Kara Sozder», created by the great thinker constitute an ethnic philosophical work. This creation of his is an exploration of Kazakh national life in the second half of the 19th century. He influenced social affairs in the country where he lived.

The man does not appear into the world reasonable. He becomes such, listening to people, seeing their affairs, working hard. He slowly begins to distinguish right from wrong, and if he has to go through a lot, he, of course, will become wiser. The man gets his mind, remembering the words of the wise. But any conversation, no matter how instructive it may be in itself will not work. From what is heard, just as we clean grain from the husk, it is necessary to select the truth, which you can use to your advantage. That’s how the human mind is polished. But there is another side of this process. If a person is snobby and cannot ask the sage again about the unclear thing for himself or, if he is careless and having crossed the threshold, he immediately forgets what he’s heard then what is the use of listening to the wise words? He turned to be careless and stupid man, unable to appreciate the mind. Probably, the wise man said of such people: «Instead of teaching people who don’t understand the words, it is better to feed pigs, which recognize you. »

Абай Құнанбайұлы

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