The fourth word

The fourth word

Abai Kunanbaev is the Shakesphere of Kazakh literature. His Book of Words, «Kara Sozder», created by the great thinker constitute an ethnic philosophical work. This creation of his is an exploration of Kazakh national life in the second half of the 19th century. He influenced social affairs in the country where he lived.

It has been noticed long ago that laughter is similar to drunkenness. Foolish laughter is a sign of carelessness, it makes so severe headache, as well as tipsy chatter. Carelessness leads to the ruin, the impoverishment of the mind and shameful deeds. I think that people, who indulge in silly laughter, are equally unhappy both in this and that world.

Mind and concentration lead to prosperity and the people possessing these qualities are usually of a different character. This, of course, does not mean that one should always be sad, indulged in bitter thoughts or suffer from every failure. Such a burden is too much for the man. You just need to fall in a reasonable work, but not in the empty laughter. There are different people, and for those who are closed in their grief, struggling in sadness, like a prisoner – work is also the only salvation.

Do not rejoice in evil deeds of people. If you saw misfortune, then let your laughter be bitter. Bitter laughter is always short. Rejoice, when a person does a good deal, for you saw a good example. The meanings of the person’s deal will itself determine how much you will laugh.

But there is laughter, from which I want to warn everyone. It was not born in the chest, doesn’t come from the heart, but only changes the face. It is beautiful and sonorous, this fake laughter, and it has many faces. Throw it away from you, people!

A man comes to life with a cry, dies angry. Not knowing what happiness is people humiliate life with empty affairs. They chase each other, pride themselves before each other, hoard wealth, and when there comes the last hour, ready to give all their possessions for one day of the life. Why does an epiphany come to people so late?

Why from the very beginning not to believe in their destiny and begin to work. Then the scarcest land would give us the fruit. After all, that is its purpose.

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