The fifth word

The fifth word

Abai Kunanbaev is the Shakesphere of Kazakh literature. His Book of Words, «Kara Sozder», created by the great thinker constitute an ethnic philosophical work. This creation of his is an exploration of Kazakh national life in the second half of the 19th century. He influenced social affairs in the country where he lived.

When the chest is full of sorrow, a man cannot control himself, his speech - even more so.

I saw the Kazakhs, who pleaded: «O Allah! Make us as lighthearted as babies». Why did adulthood turn to be a burden for the Kazakhs? What care has broken them? Their grief can be recognized by a number of proverbs. Here they are: «If you have to live half a day, stock up on food for a day», « The father is a burden to a beggar », « Cattle is more than his life for a man», «The rich man’s face is bright, the beggar’s face is dark »,

«The brave and the wolf are fed on the road», «The generous does not have enemies», «Those, who take got used to give back», «That one is right, who owns a prey», «He, who does not honor the rich man will turn away from God», «If you are hungry, ride to the house, where there’s funeral», «Do not live near the lake, where there is no fish, do not live in the village, which is not aware of mercy».

Did they say in these proverbs about the world, science, knowledge, and justice? Who believe that because of cattle such people will not rob the own father? So is the adult wiser than a baby? The child is afraid of fire, and the adult is not afraid of God's punishment. Children, when they are ashamed, ready to fall through the floor, while adults, as far as I know, at such moments, even do not hide the eyes. They are ready to renounce you, if you differ from them. And this is my people, people that I love and to the heart of which I always look for the path...

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