Shymkent - Circus

 Shymkent - Circus

Shymkent Circus is the third circus among equals in Kazakhstan, after Nur-Sultan and Almaty. In Shymkent, the circus has existed for a long time, but only in the form of scattered and small groups - at the Palace of Metallurgists and at the regional philharmonic. On the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence, in 2011, the city’s long-standing dream came true - a circus with a permanent circus troupe was created.

The most difficult thing was to form a full circus troupe with multi-genre artists. But the problem solved itself. Many talented local artists working away from home, as soon as they heard that the circus had opened in Shymkent, immediately returned to their homeland.

In several years, the circus has become a favorite and one of the most visited places of citizens and guests of the third metropolis. The circus repertoire includes more than hundreds of numbers and performances, which the audience expects with great impatience and enthusiasm.

The art and skill of Shymkent Circus artists can be seen not only by Shymkent residents, but also by residents of other cities of Kazakhstan. The troupe traditionally goes on tour within the country, as well as abroad. Every year Shymkent Circus employees participate in international festivals and become their winners.

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