Shamshi Kaldayakov alley

 Shamshi Kaldayakov alley

Shamshi Kaldayakov alley is a landmark of Shymkent, associated with one of the founders of modern Kazakh scenic art.

A cozy park is located near the central market. The construction of the boulevard began in 2007 in order to eliminate the stores that had spread in the 90s around the current central market (Upper Market) and the former natural lake in the center of Shymkent. The alley got its final name in 2010, when the monument to Shamshi Kaldayakov was opened. He was the great Kazakh composer, nicknamed by people as “The King of Kazakh Waltz”, the author of the song “My Kazakhstan”, which formed the basis of the current national anthem of Kazakhstan.

The Walk of Fame of Kazakhstan’s cultural and art figures gives this place a unique look. The names of 48 local composers, singers, artists and poets are carved on the granite pedestals of the Walk of Fame, at the foot of the monument to Shamshi Kaldayakov. They are known not by official rank, but by recognition and love of the public, they made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of Kazakhstan’s spiritual wealth, “Shamshi World” is a cultural place for calmness, where you can turn aside from the daily routine, take a walk among the greenery and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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