Koshkar ata river

  Koshkar ata river

The Koshkar ata river in the downtown is a spring water, starting from deep underground, tributary of the Badam River.

According to a legend, in ancient times, a trade caravan was slowly sailing from east to west. It was walking for a long time, through the hot desert, boundless steppe and mountain passes. Travelers were tired, and they ran out of drinking water. Even their mighty camels were tormented by thirst. Suddenly they saw an old man, sitting thoughtfully on a large stone near the road. “Is it still far to go to the water, dear?” asked the tired caravaneer. “If you move the stone I am sitting on, you will have water at once,” the elder answered. And travelers moved the stone. A wonderful spring with crystal clear water beat from the ground. When they asked how they might call their unexpected lifesaver, they heard a short answer “Koshkar”.

Soon, small springs started to beat here, uniting into one beautiful river. After a while, a magnificent grove grew on the shores, and hardworking people settled there - they became the first Shymkent people. They called the river Koshkar ata, in honor of the respected man, whose mausoleum is located nearby.

In 2010, the river received the status of a protected natural area of ​​local importance. Subsequently, big restoration work was carried out starting from the source and up to Ordabasy Square, now there is 1.5 km long embankment for a calm and enjoyable walk along the river.

Water temperature is the same all year round, it is +11℃. Its composition includes fluorine, calcium, magnesium. That is why the water of Koshkar ata river has healing properties. Many people go there to pray, fill bottles and bathe.

On the eve of Nauryz holiday, city residents held the Koshkar ata seilі festival on the banks of Koshkar Ata river. There was a grand fair and active exchange of goods between nomads and citizens.

During the October Revolution, the festival was canceled and revived in 2016. Now this true Shymkent holiday is held annually as part of Nauryz celebration.

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