Blessed land-Aktobe

	Blessed land-Aktobe

Blessed land-Aktobe

As in all regions of the vast Kazakh country, the Aktobe region dates back to time immemorial. There is no doubt that the Aktyubinsk land, which includes such vast territories of the great Steppe as the pearl of Eurasia, is a witness to mountain and river crossings, lakes and deserts, sacred soil, history, many hundreds of peoples and nationalities who inhabited this area, and many fates, bloodshed and happy Dauren who lay Boztorgai eggs on sheep.

        This is the birthplace of the famous Abulkhair Khan, Aiteke bi, the great hero of the XV century koblanda, Aral and Azhibai, Altai and Alybai, Bokenbai and Yeset Kokiuly, ASAU and Barak, Zholaman and Baktybai, Kotibar and his son yeset, dozens of great poets And Zhyrau, such as Karagul and Kaidaul, Sherniyaz, Aktan, Sary, Sarsholak, wise kuishi Kazangap.

        The Aktobe region is Home to dozens of major scientists, starting with famous linguists, turkologists Kudaibergen Zhubanov and Academician Sagan Baishev, Uzakbay Kulymbetov, Temirbek Zhurgenov, dozens of talented poets and writers led by Takhaui Akhtanov, Kuandyk Shangytbayev, sagi Zhienbayev, composers and artists led by the famous academician Akhmet Zhubanov, and other artists.

        Aktobe land worthy of continued praise of his famous ancestors, warriors in the years of the great Patriotic war. Aktobe is proud of the names of one of the two girls of the Soviet East — Hero of the Soviet Union Aliya Moldagulova, Hero of the Soviet Union hiuaz Dospanova. About 15 thousand Aktobe residents who went to the front were awarded military orders, medals, 24 people became Heroes of the Soviet Union, three people-full holders of the order of Glory.

        The labor model of the great worker of the world Shyganak Berseyev, who became the hero of the story "millionaire" by G. Mustafin, the poem "millet" by B. Brecht, who became a world record holder in obtaining products from white millet, becomes an ideal for modern generations of Aktobe residents. Famous cosmonauts V. M. Patsaev and Yu. V. Lonchakov are graduates of the Aktobe region.

        In the bowels of the land of Aktobe is 10 percent of the country's proven oil reserves, 30 percent of the projected hydrocarbon raw materials. 100 percent of Kazakhstan's chrome is also here. In terms of chrome ore reserves, the region ranks second in the world ($400 million more than a ton), and copper ore reserves ($100 million tons) and ranks third in the Republic in terms of production oil reserves and fourth in terms of gas reserves.

        In the country, 55 percent Nickel, 40% titanium, 34% phosphate, 4.7% zinc, 3.6% copper, 2 percent aluminum, 1.4 percent of coal in the Aktobe region. There are gold, silver, cobalt, potash salts, asbestos, kaolin, glass and non-ferrous stone raw materials, natural decorative materials, petroleum bitumen ores, mineral Waters, raw materials for building materials, and other natural resources in the subsoil.

        The nature of the region, which is located on a large territory, is characterized by the picturesqueness inherent in the steppe. Ancient Mugalzhar in the category of ancient mountains are spurs of the Ural mountains that penetrated the steppes. The main water resources of the region are the Or, Ilek, Kobda, UIL, Irgiz, Zhem, Sagiz rivers and small rivers, the largest and most picturesque steppe lakes located in the Irgiz district. The pride of the region is the Turgay state reserve, established in 1967 on the lands of the Irgiz district. This region, where large lakes and rivers are located (Turgay, Orkeyek, telgara, Irgiz), is home to 29 species of animals, 30 species of birds listed in the Red book, and 170 species of birds. In kargalinsky, Ileksky, Kobdinsky districts there are such animals as elk, Baiganin, UIL, Jeyran, in irgizsky Shalkarsky district there are saigas and wild pigs.

        Such large universities as the military Institute of air defense Forces them.T.My West Kazakhstan medical Academy.

M. Ospanov, Aktobe state University. K. Zhubanov, Aktobe state pedagogical Institute, Academy of transport and communications named. M. tynyshbaev Academy of Economics and statistics, the Institute and branches of the Central University, the University.S. Baisheva, 21 colleges, 16 professional lyceums, 474 secondary schools, 99 pre-school institutions, 5 special institutions provide education and upbringing to the younger generation.

        Every year, the health sector is improving, and the health indicators of the population are increasing. In the region, out of 251 Autonomous outpatient clinics, 121, out of 60 hospitals, 41 are state-owned. 12 district, 5 tuberculosis, 1 City, 12 rural hospitals, 113 outpatient clinics and 208 medical centers, 31 mini-medical centers are engaged in protecting the health of the region's population.

        The glory of Aktobe sport is also unique. Athletes of the region took part in more than 700 international and national Championships and tournaments, winning 84 gold, more than 200 silver, and more than 100 bronze medals.

        94% of the products produced in the region are produced by the largest industrial enterprises-JSC "SNPS-Aktobemunaygas", don mining and processing plant belonging to the transnational Corporation "Kazchrom", Aktobe Ferroalloy plant, JSC" Aktobe plant of chrome compounds", JSC" aircraft repair plant 406 HA", JSC"aktyubrentgen". Among the largest enterprises of the Aktobe region are limited liability companies "Aktobe Kurylys ""Omirbek"," GOK "Great wall", "Koktas-Aktobe" "Zhorga-RD", "ZHAK". These companies are not only engaged in the production of their products, but also carry out major work in the social, cultural and spiritual spheres.

        The modern Aktobe region is a region that is thriving and developing at a very strong pace, and the social, cultural, and spiritual level of the population is constantly growing.

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